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how we got started
by andy attiliis

About Us


ary Gillen's original idea was to create a Web site that offered hundreds of marketing ideas. Between freelance writing and her extensive participation in networking groups, she had talked with scores of business people. Most of whom were enthusiastically involved in some stage of finding new marketing concepts for their businesses. She was quite taken by the ongoing energy that folks are willing to spend on this endeavor. That's about the time we met and began working together on some projects.
AAAWe soon found that our experiences with clients were very similar. In particular, we both were struck by the number of different creative directions that so many would try in a relatively short period of time. A mistake which thwarts the development of recognition and memorability. Instead of developing one crystal clear strategy, fine tuning it when necessary and then benefiting from the investment for years, the majority seemed compelled to jump from one idea to another.

With the Internet just starting to blossom, the specifics of Mary's original inspiration became to gather, summarize, organize and dispense marketing ideas. If they were grouped into logical categories, she reasoned, such an effort could conceivably assist folks in finding the most appropriate solution for their particular needs. To make it all happen, she learned html programming and Web development. It only took one look and a talk with Mary about her vision for me to become involved by providing full design and illustration help along with groupings of creative ideas. Within less than a year, I was totally hooked and became a full partner.

Useful ideas and plenty of know-how. Effective communications is not brain surgery. We've found that anyone can place an understandable and attractive sign in a promising location. The question is, are they informed enough to stick with one pleasing message long enough for it to work when needed? That's when prospects are ready to respond, and will remember your sign if given half a chance.
AAA What about all the different media vehicles available to us these days? Rather than sophisticate ourselves out of the running, let's just think of them as the same sign in extra locations, each offering different abilities. But wouldn't they all look the same? Yup, and be sure to mark your calender the first time someone says your efforts are beginning to get boring. That'll be the day you'll know your messages are being remembered.

So what about all the marketing and creative ideas on this site? We include hundreds to inspire the one combo marketing / creative idea you'll love crafting into your own message. After all, since each of us should plan to live with our communication's direction for a very long time, it pays to get it good and right from the beginning.

What else is here? To further help you develop one real winner, IdeaSite also offers the Creative Process plus our creative and marketing ideas newsletters. While the newsletters deliver ideas, the process shows how messages are built. For those who would like extremely focused assistance, we offer both consultation and creative training.
AAAThen there are promotional products starting at $69 for 90 days such as message links, newsletter sponsorships, solo emails and more– all capable of helping you test the potential of your wares.
AAAHow about public relations? ClickPress is especially designed to help get news releases to your most promising editors.

Questions about how it all can work together? Visit the Useful ideas and know-how for creative business people section. Everything you need to get a handle on this 600+ page site has been consolidated on one screen.

Questions we haven't anticipated here?
Contact Mary Gillen or Andy Attiliis.

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